The Top 9 Keto Hacks

  • Date: May 13, 2021
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Getting started and staying on course can be difficult when starting a keto way of living. These Top 9 Keto Hacks should help you start and remain on your keto journey. Whether you’re concerned about saving time, keeping the budget low or staying on track – these keto hacks will keep you on track!

Keto Hacks

Getting started and staying on course can be difficult when starting a keto way of living.

These 9 Keto Hacks should help you start and remain on your keto journey. Whether you’re concerned about saving time, keeping the budget low or staying on track – these keto hacks will keep you on track!

Keto hacks to make your keto journey easier

Keto Hacks written in scrabble tiles

They below are the top hacks to ensure that starting and maintaining a keto way of living is as simple as possible for you.

We all live busy lives, these tips should help you save time, stay on budget and have a stress free life!

1️ KETO HACK ONE: Clean out your kitchen

Removing temptation from your kitchen is the easiest way for you to stay on track, especially in the beginning.

If you share a kitchen with others, whether family or friends, this can become more difficult. If this is the case, try and dedicate a cupboard to all of your keto food.

This will remove temptation from you as you will not constantly be looking at temptation.

This is a great article on the topic 

2️ KETO HACK TWO: Doing Keto on a Budget – Do your Keto shopping online

If you’re living in the US, Australia or New Zealand – keto is quite a mainstream way of eating. A lot of Keto ingredients/foods can be found in high street stores. From my experience, mainland Europe is not far behind. Keto-friendly snacks can be bought off the shelves.

The UK is still a bit behind, with very few of the main supermarkets carrying keto products or ingredients.

Enough keto products can be found online in the UK to make this easy. I always like to shop local where I can. I will buy meats and fresh vegetables etc from local stores, there are a few items I will have to buy in the supermarket. The rest I will buy online.

3️ KETO HACK THREE: Doing Keto on a budget or just trying to save a few pennies – Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk will save you money in the long run. This is also a tactic I use to keep myself on track.

By buying in bulk I make sure that the cupboards are always full of the things that I need, so I’m not tempted to go off track. As with the above; the best place to buy items in bulk online can be found in the Pantry.  These are the best quality and value products I have found after a lot of trial and error!

Buying in bulk may seem like a big outlay initially (which it is!) but, both a keto lifestyle and buying in bulk will save you money in the long run. Something that I always recommend to somebody who is starting a keto lifestyle is to start buying in bulk.

4️ KETO HACK FOUR: Essential Keto Kitchen Gadgets:  Buy cups and spoons for your kitchen!

Most of the recipes you will find online (other than here!) are American, therefore they are measured in cups. For the first year I was on keto I spent ages Googling conversions from cups to grams, ml etc so I could weigh ingredients out. In the end, I gave up! I spent very little money on cups and spoon measures. They have both been life-saver.

Well, life-saver is maybe a bit dramatic, but they have definitely been a time saver!

I also bought the teaspoon measures as a lot of keto cooking/baking is measured in teaspoons. I found that no two teaspoons in my draw were the same – how does that happen?!

Anyway, I found that I needed to be accurate with my measuring as too little baking powder and things didn’t rise, too much and it tasted vile!!

5️ KETO HACK FIVE: Grate Your Cauliflower in bulk and freeze

This is one of my keto time-saving hacks. I always have cauliflower florets in my freezer for keto mac & cheese, my go-to comfort food, when I need something quick and easy.

I also make my cauliflower rice in bulk and freeze it. This way it is ready to bulk out a keto meal whenever I need it. Also, grating cauliflower rice can be a messy business. I like to do it as infrequently as possible, and get all of the mess out of the way!

Check out my how-to guide for cauliflower rice and my recommendations as to how to do this, and how best to store it!

6️ KETO HACK SIX: Grate your Cheese in Advance

I eat a lot of cheese, and I mean a lot!! When I buy a new block of cheese I will grate the majority of it (or a couple of different types) and place it in a Lock & Lock so it stays fresh in the fridge for a good couple of weeks.

No cheese has ever lasted longer than that in my house so I couldn’t tell you if it will last any longer!!

You can freeze grated cheese, if you try freezing blocks of cheese it becomes crumbly, which is fine if that’s how you want it, but it’s no good if you want a slice!

Anyway, having grated cheese on hand reduces the amount of mess in your kitchen, and means you have cheese ready whenever you need it.

7️ KETO HACK SEVEN: Plan your snacks

This is key whatever way you are living. Planning snacks ahead will help you with portion control. You will also know what macros are in your snacks in order to be able to plan your macros in advance.

Check out some of my favourite keto snacks here.

Another top tip is to split any snacks down into portions. For me, I regularly have olives, nuts and pork scratchings in the cupboard. As per my advice above, I normally buy these in bulk.

I often buy olives in a small sachet so I can throw them in my bag for work. I always buy nuts and pork scratchings in bulk and I split them down into small Lock & Lock boxes, like the ones above.

I spend 15 mins on a Sunday measuring these out for the week. Then every day I grab a pot out of the cupboard to take to work with me or take out if I know I’m going to be on the go and may struggle to pick up a keto snack. This keeps me on track and stops me from getting hangry at work!

8️ KETO HACK EIGHT: Meal prep is key to surviving keto

Meal prep is key. I not only box up my snacks ready for the week, if they’re not already in a portioned packet. I also plan my meals for the week ahead, so I know what I am having, and what I need to buy. This saves wasting food too.

I’ve used this for years now. A really good tip is to save the weekly meal plans, then if I am ever struggling for ideas, I will just pick out an old one and either copy the whole weeks worth of meals, or pick meals I fancy from it.

9️ KETO HACK NINE: Make meals in advance

If I am making a meal for myself, or if I have family or friends coming around, I will make an extra portion and freeze it. It’s really easy, lasagne for 2 becomes lasagne for 4, I will freeze a couple of portions and either take them to work or if I get home late, or I’m busy because life has thrown yet another curveball (I know that doesn’t happen to only me!), I’m ready!

Keto Hacks –  The Conclusion

I do not get derailed as;

  • I don’t have non-keto foods in the cupboards
  • I buy in bulk online to reduce temptation from the shops and to make sure the cupboards are always full!
  • I plan my snacks in advance, buying them in and boxing them up, so I’m always ready to go
  • I plan my meals in advance
  • I always cook extra so I’ve got meals ready for a ‘rainy day’
  • I have the right equipment in my kitchen to make the meals I need

These are a few of my favourite tips that keep me on my keto journey. To be honest, I’ve been doing this that long now that it’s second nature, however, in the beginning, I did need to think about what I was doing and plan ahead.

Do you have a favourite keto hack or keto top tip that you want to share with the community? Pop it in the comments below so we can all learn! ???

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