Is La Marca Prosecco Keto Friendly?

  • Date: January 1, 2022
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So, Is La Marca Prosecco Keto Friendly? You will be pleased to know that, yes La Marca and many other prosecco are in fact keto friendly. Read on to find out about how you can fit prosecco and other alcoholic beverages into you keto diet, without blowing your carb allowance or getting a keto hangover!

What Is La Marca Prosecco?

La Marca Prosecco is an American prosecco maker that has a premium line of prosecco wines created with supreme grapes from Italy. While the refined taste of each prosecco curated by La Marca Prosecco tastes expensive, their bottles come at an affordable price point. 

Their small line of proseccos includes their La Marca Prosecco namesake bottle, their La Marca Rose Prosecco, and their La Marca Luminore Prosecco Superiore. Each varietal of prosecco has notes of summery fruit flavors and citrus blends, which highlight the light and refreshing taste of the grape. 

A Keto-Cap (aka A Keto Recap!)

If you’re new to keto and want a bit more information, check out our keto beginners guide.

As a quick summary, if you need it, the keto (also known as the ketogenic diet) is a low-carb, high-fat diet.

The whole concept of the keto diet is that your body transitions from burning glucose, in simple terms, sugars or carbohydrates, to burning fat as its primary fuel source.

For a keto diet, people will restrict their macros to eating;

  • 70% of their calories from fat
  • 25% from protein
  • 5% from carbohydrates

Sticking to these macros for a period of time will put your body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is when your body has transitioned from burning carbohydrates as its primary fuel source to burning fat for fuel. It is at this point that you will start to see and feel the benefits of the keto diet.

There are a lot of new terms and abbreviations that you may come across, sometimes it can feel like a new language that you need to learn. In order to help you out and keep you on the right track, we have created a keto terms and keto abbreviations guide, bookmark these to make your keto journey easier.

Some people can be put off the keto diet because of the side effects, however, these are only short-lived and the health benefits of keto far outweigh the side effects.

One of the main benefits which attract people to the keto diet is that it can cause significant reductions in insulin levels (by up to 75%) and blood sugar levels, which can be attractive to those that struggle with diabetes, amongst other health complaints.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of La Marca Prosecco?

In a one-cup serving (approximately 240 ml) of La Marca’s Prosecco’s original prosecco, the nutritional value is as follows:

  • Carbs: 3 grams
  • Fat: 0 grams
  • Cholesterol: 0 grams
  • Sodium: 0 grams
  • Calories: 140 grams

How Many Net Carbs Are There In La Marca Prosecco?

Net carbs are calculated by misusing the total grams of fiber from the total number of carbs to leave the net carb value.

In one serving of La Marca’s Prosecco, you will find only 3 net carbs. In their Rose Prosecco, there are no carbs at all. 

Is La Marca Prosecco Keto Friendly?

Prosecco in and of itself is a keto friendly alcoholic beverage, and La Marca Prosecco is no exception. Most types of prosecco have minimal carbs, if any at all. Therefore, you can enjoy a couple of glasses on a keto diet without feeling guilty. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of La Marca Prosecco?

One benefit to drinking prosecco over other alcoholic beverages is that it has minimal to no sugar, carbs, or sodium. It also has little to no fat, and not a lot of calories. That being said, it contains alcohol, so you want to enjoy your La Marca Prosecco in moderation. 

As we all know, when drunk, it is easy to get the ‘munchies’ and look for none keto foods to satisfy us. Check out our ultimate guide to drinking on keto, including our top tips for keeping yourself on the keto wagon and avoiding a keto hangover!

You can enjoy a couple of glasses of prosecco on a keto diet without feeling guilty. 

In terms of any health benefits you might see, there are actually a few possible benefits that might surprise you if you enjoy prosecco in moderation. Just like any other wine, prosecco contains polyphenols and antioxidants, which are an important part of any diet.

The polyphenols can also help reduce your blood pressure. Now, we are not trying to say that you should drink prosecco to get healthy by any means, just making the point that alcohol does not need to be off-limits on a keto diet.  

There was also a small but intriguing study completed in New York that looked at the lung function of people after drinking prosecco, and saw some slight improvements compared to those who did not consume prosecco. There is also some evidence that having a couple of glasses of prosecco can sharpen your memory, as well as boost your sex drive. 

As with most things, overconsuming prosecco will wipe out any potential health benefits you might see, and will have you reaching your maximum carbs for the day quickly. 

Staying hydrated on the keto diet is really important, for more on how much water you should be drinking, check out our guide to staying hydrated on the keto diet.

If you’re planning on dehydrating yourself(!) and drinking alcohol on the keto diet, check out our ultimate guide to drinking alcohol on a keto diet. Also, you may be interested in, how to recover from a cheat day.

Summary: Is La Marca Prosecco Keto Friendly?

Yes, La Marca Prosecco is keto friendly, It is low in net carb and does not contain any non-keto ingredients, so you can enjoy La Marca Prosecco on a keto diet. Just be careful to plan ahead so you do not get caught out with the ‘munchies’ or, a keto hangover. Otherwise, enjoy!

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