How to Eat Keto at the Movies [20+ Keto Movie Snacks]

  • Date: July 5, 2022
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How to eat keto at the movies does not have to be something that causes you to come out in cold sweats. You can munch away with your family and friends whilst watching your favorite flick! Read on to find out our personal favorite keto movie snacks!

If you are new to keto, you may be in that situation where you are heading to the movie theater or having a movie night planned at home and wondering how to eat keto at the movies. This doesn’t have to become a stressful situation.

Popcorn would have always been my pre-keto go-to due to it being low in calories. This popular snack has 74 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of popcorn, it is not a good option for those on a keto WOE.

If anybody here is new to keto, here’s a quick summary of the basics for you. If you know all of this, skim by!

A Quick Refresh On The Principles Of Keto

If you have been eating keto for any time you will know the whole focus of a keto diet is to keep your macros to 70% Fat, 25% Protein, and 5% Carbohydrates (Carbs).

This 5% of carbs should not exceed 20 grams for a traditional keto diet. Depending on whether you are doing lazy, dirty, or strict (aka clean) keto, will depend on how and whether you track these macros.

In order to keep your carb content under 20 grams, you need to be conscious of what you are eating and stick to low carbs foods. Whether you are eating lazy, dirty, or strict keto will depend on whether you are concerned with the quality of the foods that you are eating.

These low-carb foods also need to be low on the glycemic index (GI). If they are not low on the GI they may spike your blood sugar and knock you out of ketosis.

If keto is new to you, why not check out our Keto Starters Guide which should take you through everything you need to know.

Also, if you’re new to the keto community, why not check out our keto terms and keto abbreviations guides, they will make your life easier.

Now, let’s get into the detail and answer the question, How to eat Keto at the Movies?

High Carb Movie Theatre Snacks

Unfortunately, all of our favorite movie snacks that you will find at the movie theatre will be high in carbs, and probably lack any nutritional value, making them inappropriate for a ketogenic diet.

When we go to the cinema, we have all sorts of options;

  • Popcorn
  • Nachos
  • Ice Cream
  • Chocolate
  • Candies

All of these are tasty snacks but are no good if you are trying to keep your carb count down.

The best plan to avoid falling off the keto wagon at the movies is to plan ahead and take your own keto snacks with you.

Or, if your movie night is at home, surround yourself with all of your favorite keto snacks to stop you from reaching for the popcorn!

Below we have got a selection of snacks for you, some store-bought, others only requiring simple ingredients so you can grab and go.

How To Eat Keto At The Movies Without Knocking Yourself Out Of Ketosis.

Keto snacks will ensure that you keep your carb intake down when you are at the movies, without missing your usual bucket of popcorn!

There are so many amazing keto snack options, we really didn’t know where to start.

This list of our favorite keto movie snacks, to keep you on track to reach your keto goals, in no particular order!

How to Eat Keto at the Movies: Savory Low Carb Snacks

1. Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts are one of my go-to low-carb, keto snacks regardless of where I am! I weigh these out at home and pop them into a little airtight box that you can whip out whenever you’re ready for a snack.

Don’t take the full bag otherwise, you will be tempted to eat the whole bag! We’ve all been there.

For the number of carbs in different types of nuts, check out our keto nuts & seeds guide.

Like it a bit spicier? Why not roast up some of these smoked paprika almonds?

2. Olives

I love to take a little selection of olives to the cinema. They are low in carbs and full of nutrients, making them a great healthy snack for movie night.

Remember to take a small cocktail stick or something to eat them with, assuming you don’t want sticky fingers.

3. Cheese

If you are missing the cheesy flavors that your nachos would give you, why not add some cheese to your keto movie snacks list?

Baby bells or pre-packed string cheese can be perfect to throw into your bag for your movie trip.

If not, chop up a selection of your favorite cheeses and pop them in a box to nibble on.

4. Pickles

Pickles used to be something I avoided like the plague, but, over the last few years, I’ve grown to enjoy these little salty treats.

How to Eat Keto at the Movies: Yummy Meaty Snacks

If you enjoy more meaty snacks at the cinema, as opposed to savory keto snacks, we’ve got a top list of meaty keto snacks for the movies for you.

5. Chorizo Chips

Thinly slice some chorizo and oven bake before you head out to the movie theatre. These make a great, full-flavor keto-friendly snack.

Boudin or salami chips are always a great alternative.

You can buy them, or make your own.

6. Peperami

Peperami can be a fantastic option to take to the movies, there are plenty of different flavors to choose from too.

The great thing is because they come pre wrapped, you can easily throw them in your bag, or stash them in a pocket, making them a great keto movie snack.

7. Pork Crunch

If you are missing that ‘crunch’ of a potato chip when you are watching your movies, pork crunch may be the perfect option for you. I love pork crackling and pork scratchings too.

I find pork crunch is the crispier of the three, making it a perfect keto, low-carb movie snack alternative to potato chips.

8. Beef Jerky

If you want a meatier flavor to your theatre snacks. Jerky makes a great snack. Even better, why not make your own jerky at home?

There are some great jerky recipes out there.

How to Eat Keto At The Movies: Sweet Tooth Snacks

Ok, I do like my keto movie snacks to resemble a three-course meal, I’m not going to lie. This means I will often pack a selection of savory, meaty, and sweet keto movie snacks.

I would love to say that they don’t all get eaten, but they generally do!

9. Dark Chocolate

If you like your movie snacks on more or the sweet spectrum, why not grab some 85% cacao plus chocolate too much on as you watch your favorite flick?

Lilly’s is our keto friendly movie night favorite.

10. Cacao Nibs

If chocolate is your thing, cacao nibs are a brilliant addition to your movie night.

10. Keto Cookies

Keto cookies are always welcome at any movie night I’m at! You can buy them in the store or make your own, using your own favorite flavors.

Why not whip up a batch of keto chocolate chip cookies or peanut butter cookies?

If you fancy something softer, keto brownie can be a tasty option.

11. Keto Sugar Free Sweets

There are a number of sugar-free sweets available. Just make sure they are keto approved, and not full of non-keto friendly sugars.

Keto Movie Drinks

It’s all well and good having the keto movie snacks nailed, but what are you going to drink? Personally, I like to keep it simple.

12. Coffee

Sneaking in a coffee in to movies may be against the rules, but a nice coffee with a sugar free keto-friendly flavoring can be great.

13. Green Tea

Ok, I know green tea is an acquired taste. However, when I went keto, I developed a taste for green tea.

14. Coconut Water

Coconut water is a great keto-friendly option for the movies, it is filled with electrolytes and is super refreshing.

15. Water

Spring water, mineral water, or sparkling water are all keto friendly options, and they should all be zero carbs. Avoid flavored waters as these will normally have added sugars and carbs.

These are just a few of our favorite keto movie theater snacks. Why not make a little pick and mix box to take with you so you get the best of every element, savory, meaty, and sweet?

Make sure that you do not go crazy with your low-carb snacks so you don’t go over your daily carb intake.

What are your favorite carb-friendly movie theatre snacks? Let us know in the comments below. 

Final Thoughts: How to Eat Keto at The Movies

There are no end of keto substitutes to eat at the movies, without having to ruin your progress or knock yourself out of ketosis. As with any healthy lifestyle, planning is keto to keep you working towards your goals by remaining within your daily carb limit.

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