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Keto Terms Explained

If you are confused about nomenclature and why your BPC, needs MCT and HWC in it – you’re in the right place. There are a lot of Keto Terms that can make starting you keto journey daunting. Don’t worry, I’ve been there. I’ve created a list of all of the main keto terms and what they mean to get you started and keep you on your keto journey. I hope this helps!

List of Keto Acronyms

Keto Abbreviations

Confused by Keto acronyms? Feel like people are talking a different language? Don’t understand what people are talking about on blogs and forums? Don’t know your BPC from your TDEE? Do not worry!! I have been there in fact, most people who are living a keto life have been there! Keto abbreviations are a mine-field that can become overwhelming. Fear not, I’ve got you covered – check out the main Keto Abbreviations below!

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The Top 10 Benefits of Keto

What are the benefits of keto? Is keto right for me? Are two of the main questions I get asked when somebody is considering keto. My answer is a simple one – give it a go and you’ll soon find out! No two people are the same so if anybody tells you that ‘keto is for everyone’, be very cautious. Like everything in life there is no ‘one size fits all’. Let’s move on, I will go through the benefits of keto with you and you can make the decision as to whether keto is something you want to try.

Bowl of Keto Bone Broth

The BEST Keto Bone Broth (Stock)

Keto bone broth (aka Stock) is the base of so many keto recipes. It’s not exciting in its own right, but it’s an essential recipe to have in your kitchen. Save time and make this in advance and freeze it in batches – ready for when you need it.

Lazy, Dirty, Strict, ind our which is right for you- with a neon question mark

Strict, Lazy, Dirty Keto? [Which Keto Is Right For You]

Not sure which Keto is right for you? Confused by the terms Lazy, Dirty & Strict? LCHF better for you? We explain all here. Read me now!

Keto Marcros Beginners Guide - Getting started on Keto

Keto Macros Explained: A Keto Macros for Beginners Guide

Confused by macros on Keto? Not sure what macros are of how to calculate them? Don’t worry! When I started my Keto journey, so was I. This guide to macros when doing keto will answer all of your questions. Then you can thrive on your keto journey. Enjoy!